aşşk kahve

So, what is this “Aşşk*” thing ?

Love means Aşşk
Aşşk means coffee
Coffee means istanbul
İstanbul means bosphorus
Bosphorus means Aşşk
Aşşk means love
so it goes..
by Istanbul Insider
Beliz Miller Cehreli

* “Aşşk” is a Word derived from “Aşk” which means “love” in Turkish. So, it would be something like “Loove” in English...

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Why is our kitchen different?

Most of products are home made;
This includes, our bread and all of our pattisseries, Cakes and cookies, our granola, most of our jams and even the ketchup , and the mayonnaise!
We use organic whenever we can, and do not buy products with harmful preservatives;
We use purified water, sea salt, püre butter and virgin olive oil for preparing our food;
We provide alternative healthy choices such as agave syrup, stevia, tofu and soy milk;
And last, but not the least, our hamburger is made from %100 meat;
You can order breakfast, an well an anytime item on the menu, at anytime...

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what is happening at
aşşk bar?

We brew out Turkish tea fres evertime;
We have varietes of lemonade and ayrans;
We make fresh fruit juices;
Cafe Latte at Aşşk is famous;
You can order your iced herbal tea, and your alcoholic cocktails in pitchers;
We are delighted to present you our own “B’Aşşk’a” wine, as well a wide variety of wine selections by the glass...

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our aşşks


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press coverage

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